Holiday Cheer Santa Claus Lane Style

Every year, there is a neighborhood in my town that goes all out at Christmas.  It has become a tradition of many local families to either walk or drive the street and enjoy the spectacular displays.  They don’t do it for profit, but there is a spot that you can leave food for the local needy.  It’s a highlight of our season to pick up some hot chocolate with the kids and stroll down the street.  I know many towns have similar streets, but I like to think ours is particularly special.  I don’t know any of the families that take part, but from my family to yours THANK YOU for bringing a little more cheer into our lives.

Happy Everything to all my followers, whatever it is you celebrate and I wish you peace and prosperity in the New Year.

Here’s some of my favorites from our very own “Santa Clause Lane”.  Click any image to go to the gallery view.  Enjoy!


Here in Coastal Southern California we seldom get the full autumn spectrum that includes rich Reds and rusty oranges. Instead our turning leaves slowly surrender from green to yellow then hurry straight to brown. Snapped this one last week on a muddy walk after long overdue rain. I’ve always loved that vibrantly quenched color when the world is saturated with water. IMG_0621.JPG

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellowj


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