Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Kudos to Frédéric Biver at fakeormistake for coming up with such a great challenge.  It was my intention to shoot new images for the challenge, alas, I am short on time this weekend coming off a huge photography week and all the kids starting school.

Instead, I took a look at my iPhone album to see what I could see in terms of analogous elements.  Because the images were small, it was very easy to recognize similarities in color, patter, line, and shape.  I was able to pull together a few conversations and really enjoyed the exercise.

I had never seen fakeormistake, so I popped into the blog to check it out.  I love the the graphic and linear quality to the photos there and have a great new blog to follow.  Thanks WordPress!


I chose these two after observing their linear quality.  The slats in the stools’ backs reminded me of the black keys in the piano and I liked how the compositions seemed to mirror each other, feels like a nice give and take.


This set is about color shaded with a bit of audaciousness–like a couple of birds puffed up and posturing about, grit and all.  The first image is shot on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and the second was shot into the sun using Hipstamatics Lucifer lens of a tree burnt in a brush fire.


Here we see lines again, but this time they the lines themselves agree with each other despite the fact the first is in the clouds, while the other is grounded firmly in the sand.  To me it shows the ability to reach agreement despite vastly different backgrounds.


This one was an after thought and I almost missed it.  I just love the echo in this one.  HELLO…hello…

Want to play, too?  Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue


The Day The Garbage Truck Caught On Fire

I heard the sirens, but that’s not exactly unusual.  Except, they kept coming….and coming…

My youngest was on his way home from school with a friend and I knew whatever it was, he wouldn’t be able to resist it, so I headed out of the house to see what all the noise was about.

Turns out some part of the load in our recycling truck caught on fire.  By the time I grabbed out my camera, our local fireman had already extinguished the flames and were sudsing the trash pile.

An eventful end to an eventful week.

Hurricane Marie Sends Huge Swells to SoCal Beaches

Point Mugu, California, USA

SoCal beaches have been seeing waves topping 8′-10′ feet for the past day and a half.  I hit one of my local spots, Pt. Mugu, to check out the surf.  You know you are in the right place when there’s 10 surfers in the water and at least 50 on shore just watching.  On most good summer days waves might reach 4′ on this beach, so this is a pretty big deal.

Big Waves-2614


The the waves energy reverberated up my body through the soles of my feet.  Add the constant rumble and roar of the surf and my adrenaline was pumping.  One of those days you don’t ever forget.


Big Waves-2289



Big Waves-2338



Big Waves-2373



Big Waves-2381




Big Waves-2410



Big Waves-2468



Big Waves-2475



Big Waves-2575




Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

The Fraying Sail of the Vellela Vellela


Every five to ten years offshore winds are strong enough to deliver these delicate jelly fish like animals to the shores of the Western United States.  Known more commonly as “by-the-wind-sailors”, these cellophane like animals spend nearly their entire lives in colonies floating on the surface of the open Pacific Ocean.  Gelatinous discs slightly larger than sand dollars topped by a triangular sail ride the water’s surface supporting a colony of polyps below the waterline.  They are pretty neat little animals.

I was heading out to shoot a young dancer about ten days ago when I saw them for the first time.  In those pictures, it simply looked like I’d thrown rose petals into the sand.  They were mostly clear with blue rims around their floating discs, their sails sticking up to catch the light.  The debris you see in the sand in the picture below is vellela vellela.


By the time I went back to shoot them again for the challenge, the blue was gone from their rims, rendering them completely clear.  Their sails had begun to fray and many of them were drying out and becoming brittle and more opaque.  Here’s a few more pictures with a couple frayed feathers thrown in for good measure:

Want to play, too?  Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray


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