Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

My husband bought this century old upright piano with the money he earned raising goats when he was nine.  It lived in his parents’ house until we bought our first home nearly twenty years ago.  Though neither of of play it particularly well and the kids didn’t have the patience for practice, it still is well loved during the holidays and I’ve been know to pick out a song on an occasional sleepless night.



Want to play, too?  Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Museum of Tolerance: Tips & Photos

“How wonderful it is that no one has to wait but can start right now to gradually change the world.”
–Anne Frank

photo 4With its multi-media exhibits and engaging line up of speakers, Museum of Tolerance (MOT) in Los Angeles balances an honest and often raw portrayal of the Holocaust with messages of hope and peace.  As part of her 8th grade Language Arts curriculum, my daughter was studying the Diary of Anne Frank and Nazi Germany.  The museum had been on my list for awhile and May was the perfect time to take her.  She’s thirteen and was mature enough to internalize the messages as well as process the very personal and graphic images and stories that were shared.

I’m not going to go too much into what the Museum, their website does a good job of explaining what the museum is about.  Here’s a bit from their website that I think sums it up pretty well:

“The decision was made to create a museum – but not an ordinary museum of artifacts and documents. As Simon Wiesenthal expressed, it must not only remind us of the past, but remind us to act. This Museum should serve to prevent hatred and genocide from occuring to any group now and in the future. The daunting task was to create an experience that would challenge people of all backgrounds to confront their most closely-held assumptions and assume responsibility for change.”
  • photo 1“Anne” tickets can be purchased online.  I highly recommend spending the extra money to see this exhibit.
  • At this time, museum tickets cannot be purchased online.  Reservations are taken over the phone, however it took me two weeks to get a live person.  So plan ahead, especially if you are planning a visit for the spring.
  • They are closed on Saturdays.
  • Sundays seem to be a quieter time to visit.
  • The parking garage does not open until 5-10 minutes before the museum does, so don’t bother getting there super early.
  • Plan to be there most of the day.  My daughter and I were there for 7 hours and never got bored or disinterested.  We listened to two Holocaust speakers, went through the Anne Exhibit and also experienced all the other museum exhibits.
  • They have food on the top level–nothing special, but it works.
  • They don’t allow photography in the Museum of Tolerance, leave your cameras at home.  I snuck all the photos you see here with my iPhone.  Shhhhh….
Photos from “Anne”
Photos from the Holocaust Section
Photos from other Parts of MOT

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